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Charles Clarke SRSB Barber Charles is one of the country’s leading gent’s hairstylists and educators.  He has over 30 years experience in the industry, and over 20 years experience in education.  What he doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing. Charles Clarke SRSB Stylist, Educator, Assessor, Consultant

Our 3 Point Promise.

  1. We promise to provide you with a detailed consultation that will allow us to assess your individual needs and expectations.
  2. We promise that you will receive the correct amount of time for your service & that we will never make your service feel rushed.
  3. We promise to provide expert advice on aftercare, products, techniques and time intervals between each visit to ensure you are equipped to manage at home.
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With just over 30 years in the barbering industry, and working within the UK, Ireland and the EU, Charles, our founder decided that it was time to bring all of that experience under the one roof.

He realised that over 80% of his day was spent rectifying issues that his clients had relating to their hair, beards and skin - and recognised that he had a niche that very few could fill.

Being a barber is more than just learning how to fade, blend or do various styles of cuts.  Most barbers in the field do just that, with little or no experience on the theoretical side of our craft.

To be a great barber you must understand the head shape, bone structure, face shape and hair type and how to bring them all together to provide a tailored finish for each individual client that graces your chair each day.

Charles Clarke Educator Barber ZurichCharles Clarke Barber Shave Beard

No barber salon is traditional unless it offers all of the expected barber services that were common in the salons of old.

We offer you just that.

From first class, professional styling to bespoke male facial treatments and services, to the very finest of hand tailored beard, skin and shaving services & treatments - our salon can confidently say that we are the experts in our profession in the province.

Expertly practising his very own unique system of shaving, Charles demonstrates masterfully his expertise and understanding in this field every time he takes the straight razor in hand.  Using time honoured techniques and knowledge, Charles carefully manipulates the natural functions of the skin and hair to provide the smoothest, cleanest and most professional shave in the industry.

His knowledge of beard shapes and structure is also expert.

Charles returned from Zürich after he had an epiphany that most of his day and working hours were spent rectifying the mistakes or shortcomings of other barbers and stylists.

What he found was that most of the complications or issues that he found himself dealing with on a daily basis were pretty much related, regardless of the client. He found that a lot of the problems being expressed to him by his guests were as a result of poor consultation between the stylist and the client, a widespread lack of understanding of the consultation process and the inherent psychology behind how we make our styling decisions.

So, if you are looking for something different, something tailored specifically to you - then please do not hesitate a second further! Book an appointment with us now!

We are committed to providing  a quality, professional service to all our guests.

Why not book an appointment or treat someone with the gift of grooming…

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